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  • WORKING AT NMK & Associates

    NMK, LCPC & Associates is a small psychotherapy group practice with seasoned therapists that have pivoted to exclusively offer dynamic telehealth therapy. Prior to 2020, we enjoyed a vibrant 5-office space in the Bucktown area of Chicago for over 12 years that was well-loved by our clients and staff, however, in the era of digital options and interest in identifying other creative opportunities, there are no plans to reopen our physical space at this time. We are exclusively telehealth therapists, who on occasion will meet in person at a local park or trail.

    Our steadfast mission is to improve the course of our clients’ lives, as well as our associates, families, communities, and selves. Nicole, founded the practice in 2005 and strives to create a collaborative, motivating environment where our clients and clinicians can feel at home and be encouraged to do “good work,” promoting the LifeWork balance. The mission of creating and maintaining a healthy life / work balance and helping therapists enjoy professional and personal success has always been at the forefront. As we continue to grow, we are open to adding talented, creative, and compassionate therapists who are dedicated to helping clients reach their full potential.

    Nicole works to ensure the success of clinicians by offering:

    Here are some of the benefits of working at NMK & Associates:

    Being part of a group, while maintaining autonomy is often the best of both worlds. Our group is great for those who desire to have the benefit of working autonomously, yet also want to have the support of a team and established practice with referrals, protocols, and business practices that work. There are formal and informal opportunities for connection. Being part of a group is vital for our need for community and protects against the all-too-often issue of isolation working in a solo practice. It is rewarding to be part of a team that genuinely wants to help each other grow by sharing knowledge, resources, and counsel, which is ever-evolving.

    Autonomous, Flexible Work Schedule. All therapists create their own schedules and work directly with their clients to book or modify sessions. Therapists are responsible for their own caseloads. Full-time clinical work can be challenging in private practice, and as such, therapists are encouraged to have another part-time arrangement or not require F/T income in their first year. Our group is an ideal work environment for working parents or those that have multiple streams of income.

    Providers focus on doing clinical work, not dealing with insurance. We have a billing department that is responsible for the majority of the insurance work, benefit quotes, claims appeals, and all the follow-ups with insurance companies. Therapists have the responsibility of submitting weekly sessions; we have a well-refined system. Additionally, best practices are reviewed regularly and modified as necessary.

    Dedicated team. We have a dedicated team of clinicians that help grow and enhance the practice. All therapists work collaboratively to offer community connections and involvement that strive to convey our belief that therapy can be a vital part of your wellness plan and is not intended to be pathologizing, rather our goal is to normalize the process. We support an array of therapeutic interventions geared toward promoting a healthier life.

    Opportunity for connection / consultation. NMK & Associates often have staff that can offer supervision for therapists who are seeking that service. All therapists, even those licensed at the independent level, are encouraged to engage in consultation for ongoing support and professional growth. Periodically, we host group consultations, aptly named, Connections. Additionally, there are opportunities for socialization and gatherings, annual holiday celebrations, retreats, occasional business meetings, and attending seminars together. Nicole has always promoted and encouraged a sense of belonging and community at our place of work.

    Great earning potential. Compensation at NMK & Associates is competitive, based on many factors, Most private practice positions take time to build without a referral stream; we have referrals available, There is an expectation that all associates do some referral generating, as this encourages ownership and creating a niche, as well as contributes to maintaining the health of the practice. Either with a F/T or limited caseload, most clinicians earn a strong and consistent income year-round. Nicole works directly with each associate to mentor and assists in building not only a meaningful caseload but crafting inspiring life and workflow. NMK & Associates may offer opportunities for compensation outside of clinical work, typically reserved for clinicians that demonstrate a strong commitment to the practice.

    If you are eager to join our group, please email your resume/CV and the reason why you think you’d be a great fit to [email protected]. For serious consideration, please provide your active NPI and CAQH numbers. Our team will do their best to get back to you. Thank You.