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  • Nicole Meyer Klarich, LCPC

    Founder, CEO & Psychotherapist, LCPC

    I’m often asked, since it was not my first career, “How did you become a therapist?” Two decades ago, as Project Manager working with a creative team, the work I truly enjoyed was when someone would come into my office, looking for guidance and support. Computers off, connecting with the person in front of me, at times searching for solutions, other times, simply being there. Not so long after, I forged ahead to leave the past work I liked, to begin a career in the counseling field, that I love. Spanning the last 20+ years, I have worked in Community Counseling, Psychosocial Rehabilitation with adults and children, in clinics, hospitals, group homes, Corporate Wellness in Employee Assistance and Research for Obesity and Disease Prevention at Northwestern University Medical School. For the last 16+ years, I’ve been running the Behavioral Health Group Practice I founded, providing psychotherapy to adults, couples, and families. Armed with the belief that no matter where you are at in your “process,” we have the ability to make a difference and I’ve challenged myself to do that, throughout my life. I’ve built a practice that is rewarding and has made a difference to many. The grateful testimonials and follow-up years down the road from practice-wide clients has served to inspire and reinforce the good work we do. More importantly, though-is our connection and if my “voice,” and creative style resonate with you.

    I’ve always been fascinated by what motivates humans to do what they do or not do and that search for meaning and the curiosity of human behavior makes what I do for a living, a mission, not a job. In truth, it’s never felt like a job-that is, working with clients. And, what I love about my field is that I don’t have to (or want to) retire-I can work alongside my clients until my mind no longer works-and I intend to. I have had the privilege of working with many clients over a decade; they generally don’t sit on my couch for years-they come in, as you would to your primary care doctor when there is a concern and come back as needed and often again, later in life. Alternatively, clients come in proactively, as preventative care being part of their wellness initiative. I firmly believe that therapy, partnered with other health-promoting activities, encourages optimal well-being and can help identify some of the missing pieces that may be overlooked and getting in your way.

    Mostly, I work with adults and couples regarding their relationships. Relationship with self, partner, mother, father, child, other. Depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, might be the label or symptom people come in with, but it is always relational work. Helping clients do better and be better in relationships is a passion. I also work with couple’s divorcing and offer invaluable mediation: this cannot be underestimated or overlooked as, it often can set a healthier tone for your post-divorce journey, especially if children are involved. This is a service couple’s should strongly consider prior to engaging litigious attorneys; many clients have thanked me years down the road for the wise counsel and their families are better off for this early intervention to reduce high-conflict, which is the biggest predictor for children’s maladjustment post-divorce. Additionally, while I still offer in-person services, I have been offering more telehealth options, as technology is rapidly advancing and this assists in reaching more clients and breaks some barriers to entry or difficulty getting all parties in one room. This does not suit everyone, however, once I have an established relationship (and even when not), my experience, ability to connect and to get to the heart of the matter makes telehealth a viable and attractive service.

    I do not underestimate the deeply entrenched patterns or habits that often arise from difficult circumstances or the influence of biology. I have considerable empathy and compassion for the hardships that people endure-however, they tend to be part of the human condition and learning how to lead from a healthier state is our call to action. Everyone’s needs are different and I’ll meet you where you’re at, however, my pace is typically geared at helping you meet your goals, more quickly and efficiently, using a realistic, normalizing lens that can help you function more optimally. Assisting clients identify short and long-term goals is a strength.

    I have always been excited to learn about people, their culture, values and history, and what influences their worldview. My passion for travel has helped me understand people from many other cultures across the globe. It never ceases to amaze me, when you open up your heart and mind to another person, regardless of color, race or religion, and pay attention…to context, history, stories, the source of love and pain and perhaps, most fascinating – what makes a person smile-you get to the heart and soul of connection, fast. My international exposure and curious mind create an open and safe space for a diverse range of clients.

    It cannot go without saying that I’m a proud Mom of two kids-a girl and a boy, who are simply, great. Raising them to be loving, giving, solid people who enjoy, contribute and create meaningful lives is one of my greatest honors. They are interested and interesting teachers and brilliant reminders on how to be creative, find and make joy, look to our strengths and find grace to accept our limitations. It has been an awesome [unintended ! social experience] to witness their personalities, as different and similar and see their development and observe what seems to be innate versus learned. They have taught me more about human behavior than any book I could have read. Naturally, I am able to lend years of experience as a parent to clients who face the range of parenting joys and challenges-I enjoy working with parents and my clients find me highly relatable.

    The Western ideal of romantic love is not new, however modern love and “couplehood” has become seemingly more vulnerable.

    Modern love, dating, marriage, and families have become more open to possibility and by extension, more vulnerable to all the competing factors. The simple reality that people {and more specifically, women} can and do divorce has led to changes in the family/society that require attention, if we are going to do better-for all stakeholders and I would offer, this means everyone. The world I want all kids, including my own, to grow up and thrive in, is a world that learns from what doesn’t generally work and more importantly, what does.

    I have had the rewarding experience to see countless people revive their relationships, do better and make significant progress. When you are open to, not only looking at your patterns, strengths and limitations, but “doing something different,” this often leads to evolving as a more giving, equitable partner. Too often, though, people come to therapy with a long history of negative patterns that may seem impossible to unwind. It is possible to rebuild from this state, however, at times, it’s necessary to discern if staying together is feasible. I am pro-relationship and pro-marriage for all people; relationships are vital to our fulfillment. Yet, I am not pro-misery for inordinate periods of time and to discern if a relationship should be salvaged is one that can and sometimes, needs to be explored in therapy.

    I’ve had advanced training with many Master Therapist’s, in our field and have had the distinct pleasure to learn in smaller, intimate places-in private homes and less-formal arenas, which has invigorated my practice. I regularly consume information on topics ranging from behavioral economics, motivation, sociology, attachment theory, financial solvency, health psychology, nutrition, neuroscience, human and animal behavior, to name some. These topics are intricately relevant in developing better relational lives and I creatively draw from this diverse knowledge base.

    Notably, in 2017, I had an incredible experience trekking with families of gorillas in Rwanda-an unforgettable journey into a soulful country. The gorillas were awe-inspiring, as were the Rwandans. A place and people, not-so-long ago touched by horrific tragedy, yet still, there was a remarkable presence of resilience and rebuilding. This experience, along with others, has given great perspective and supports my long-standing belief that we can tap into a spirit that is capable of thriving, not only surviving, despite what challenges we have endured.

    Focusing on relationships, forging connections and inspiring people (of all ages) to live more meaningful, loving, connected lives has been my life work. Therapy can be a powerful, transformative experience and having someone in your corner to be your fierce supporter and fierce challenger can make all the difference. Compassion, empathy, competence, humor, creativity, and experience is what you’ll find with me. Most people I work with are looking to be inspired to do something different and gain more connection and intimacy in sustainable, meaningful relationships. I believe that is possible and welcome the opportunity to work with you.

    I appreciate your time in reading my story.

    With Warmth & Light,