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  • “For things to change, You have to change. For things to get better, You have to get better. For things to improve, You have to improve. When You grow, Everything in your life grows with you.”

    – Jim Rohn

    We help you contend with life. Period. That’s what Therapists do. Great Therapists, dare I say, will be your trusted confidante, ardent cheerleader, and challenger, all while walking with you, with the utmost respect, compassion, and competence to support and guide you to be or do something different to improve the trajectory of your life. Sometimes, we help you accept and be where you are at, with space and grace, yet will we get kindly impatient for you, if you’ve been stuck for too long.

    One of the great pleasures of life is to experience and give joy, as well as craft meaning for our lives and others. We believe that everyone has a purpose and a calling. When you have someone in your corner, you’re bound to be inspired to do something different and reach for your potential. This is the core of what Therapists do: we help you develop understanding and compassion for yourself, so you can offer that to others and thrive in your relationships. Moreover, we encourage you to develop balance in all areas of your life that create success. Not surprisingly, when we address the whole person; emotional & psychological, physical (body & nutrition), social & relational, environmental, financial, work & leisure, contribution & growth, and for some, spiritual, we inspire optimal health and well-being.

    We all have some obstacles to overcome and at times, need help to work through the ups and downs. Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, parenting, relational frustrations – or any other issue, you should know that there is hope for a better future and a way through. We’re here to walk with you, to find your light and shine your brightest— more often than not.

    We are a small psychotherapy group practice with seasoned therapists that have over 50 years of collective therapeutic experience and much wisdom from life experiences to serve you. We have pivoted to exclusively offer dynamic telehealth therapy. Prior to 2020, we enjoyed a vibrant 5-office space in the Bucktown area of Chicago for over 12 years that was well-loved by our clients and staff, however, in the era of digital options and interest in identifying other creative opportunities, there are no plans to reopen our physical space at this time. On occasion and as logistics allow, we may meet in person at a local park or trail to bridge the gap that some may feel and to connect live. We enthusiastically seek out new learnings and methods to enhance our competence and skillset.

    We love what we do and we look forward to working with you.


    We Specialize In:

    Compassionate | Creative | Competent

    We care about you, your family, and your story. You can trust that we will treat you with respect, dignity, and compassion in every interaction. We strive to do our best to help you reach your goals and potential in all areas of life.

    Let's connect via telehealth and get started.

    Meet Our Therapists

    Nicole Meyer Klarich, LCPC

    Nicole Meyer Klarich, LCPC

    Founder, CEO & Psychotherapist, LCPC I’m often asked, since it was not my first career, “How did you become a therapist?” Two decades ago, as Project Manager working with a creative team, the work I truly enjoyed was when someone would come into my office, looking for guidance and support. Computers off, connecting with the […]
    Stephanie Harris Psy.D, LCPC

    Stephanie Harris Psy.D, LCPC

    Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D) & LCPC Stephanie Harris has her Psy.D from Roosevelt University and is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LCPC). She has a BA degree in Psychology from the University of Vermont and a MA in Counseling from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University. Stephanie is very client-focused and aims […]
    Christine Seput, LPC, LCWS

    Christine Seput, LPC, LCWS

    Christine Seput is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a DCFS Licensed Child Welfare Specialist (LCWS). She holds a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling from Governor State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Christine has spent more than 24 years serving in the fields of Child […]


    “I can’t thank Nicole enough for the incredible support she’s provided over the past two years. After a challenging divorce, navigating life as a single parent was daunting, and the idea of finding love again seemed like a distant dream. However, with her unwavering guidance and compassionate expertise, she has been my anchor through the storm. She helped me heal from the wounds of my past, become a better parent, and, most importantly, rediscover the joy of love and companionship. Her wisdom and encouragement have been life-changing, and I am immensely grateful for her role in helping me rebuild my life and find happiness once more. If you’re seeking a therapist who can truly make a difference, I wholeheartedly recommend Nicole.”

    - MD.

    “I’ve had the privilege of working with Nicole for a while now, and I can confidently say that she has been an invaluable source of support during one of the most challenging periods of my life.

    Nicole is not just a therapist but a compassionate, attentive listener who genuinely cares about her clients. What sets her apart is her remarkable ability to remember the smallest details of our conversations, making me feel truly heard and understood.

    In the midst of a broken heart, Nicole has been my guiding light. She has a unique talent for helping me see things from different perspectives, offering fresh insights and coping strategies that have been instrumental in my healing journey.

    Her warmth, empathy, and expertise have been a lifeline for me, and I’m incredibly grateful for the positive changes I’ve experienced under her guidance. If you’re seeking a therapist who will not only mend your broken heart but also empower you to grow and thrive, Nicole is it.”


    “I highly recommend NMK & Associates.
    I have worked with Nicole Meyer Klarich for nearly 10 years and I have always been impressed with her clinical skills and her overall practice. I have referred many of my clients to Nicole, as well as to her associates. I have only received stellar feedback from clients regarding the work they have done with Nicole and her associates.

    Nicole’s standards for her practice are exceptional. I believe she defines the standards for therapy at its best: a non-pathologizing, deeply respectful, collaborative process in which people experience their innate capacities for well-being, change, and success.”

    Leann Perlman, LCPC